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Presentation Link: 8 May 2013 AUG Presentation - Listing your Plugin on the Atlassian Marketplace


Things not in the Approval guidelines (Lessons Learned)

  1. If plugin is 5.0 compatible then make sure you have configure.url that points to plugin license servlet
  2. If plugin is 5.1.5+ compatible then make sure your configure url points to a plugin configure page
  3. Complete documentation prior to submitting plugin for review/approval on marketplace
    1. NOTE: they will review/read your plugin documentation!
  4. Once your initial submission is rejected, review the helpful comments added by the reviewer and process them
  5. When ready to submit again, if the reviewers comments led to the creation of a new JAR file for your plugin, you should follow this process to submit it:

    The submit for approval button on the version listing will always trigger a new issue while the little 'resubmit' button found on the manage plugin view just changes the state of the listing without triggering a new issue. The Reviewer have a few improvements that are in the pipe that should make this easier on both sides.

  6. Be careful when submitting your plugin for submission. You basically get 1 submission a day, you cannot edit a submitted plugin and your submission won't get reviewed more than once a day. Sometimes it will, but bank on one review (at most) a day.


Updates on Atlassian Verified Plugin Developer


User Question on Marketplace Legal Agreement

  1. What response time to user problems is required?
    1. No hard rule, just that the Vendor commits to providing support and responds to user questions/issues in a 'timely' manner
  2. How quickly after a new release must the plugin be upgraded on the marketplace?
    1. There are no formal requirements that an add-on be compatible with the latest version of our products
    2. That being said Atlassian will archive a plugins that are not upgraded per their archiving policy (link)

  3. What are the conditions under which a vendor would be 'kicked out' of the marketplace?
    1. Publishers should be familiar with all of the rights, indemnities, and expectations of the Publisher Agreement

    2. Atlassian and Vendors are subject to copyright provisions of the DMCA + there are some prohibited actions and responsibilities Atlassian expects Vendors to abide by, and there are some simple two-way termination clauses - all documented in the Atlassian Marketplace Publisher Agreement.
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