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Back to Top provides a button gives users quick access to the top menu when viewing long JIRA issues.   Back to Top is available in most of your favorite websites, now available in JIRA. Your users won't ever want to be without it again.
The Back to Top transparent button image is displayed on the right side of the page along side the scroll bar and appears once the user scrolls down.  Hovering the mouse over the image the button is enlarged to make it easier to click.  Clicking on the button will instantly take the user to the top of the issue. 
Back to Top is a great time saver for user when working with long tickets providing quick access to the main menu without having to scroll all the way back up to the top of the issue.
2.0 Features:
  • Now compatible with JIRA version 6.3+.
  • Works on all major browsers including Internet Explorer (IE)!
  • Mouse over arrow icon now same size as transparent icon so it takes up less real estate.
  • Icon corners are now transparent.
A very special thanks to the fine folks at  Capital City Consultants and Capital Plugins for their expertise in creating and releasing our first add-on!!!


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Commercial-no charge

Version History

  • 2.0 - Updated Release
  • 1.0.5 - Initial Release


  • This plugin can be installed via the JIRA add-on manager. No server restart is required.
  • So...install the add-on via your JIRA Admin add-on manager
  • Start using this great new feature!

Browser Support

Browser testing:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) Version 10, 9 and 8
  • Chrome Version 37 
  • Firefox Version 32  
  • Safari Version 5.1.10 

Open Issues

  • Not currently working on smart phone browsers or apps unless 'Desktop View' is used.

Iska is my very real cat:

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