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Last Comment Custom Field


6+ Compatible

Current Version
4.0.6 (JIRA 7)

3.2.19 (JIRA 6)


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  • This plugin can be installed via the JIRA plugin manager. No server restart is required. If you had previously installed this plugin in your WEB-INF/lib directory please remove that jar file and restart your JIRA server before attempting to install the new version
  • So...Install the plugin via your JIRA Admin plugin manager
  • Add a new custom field of type "Last Comment"
  • Choose a searcher for the custom field. This custom field can be searched using Jira's text searcher or its own custom Last Comment Searcher(as of version 3.1.5).
    • Our custom searcher allows searching of the following meta information on the last comment:
      • username/display name
      • group
      • project role 
  • Add the new custom fields to the necessary screens.
  • Re-Index if you chose to use the Last Comment Searcher

See Getting Started for a quick guide to getting started in using our plugin.

Upgrading to 3.0.0+ from pre-3.0.0 Release Versions

For version 3.0.0 we removed the need for the Last Comment value to be stored in the database. This greatly reduces the drag on the database as well as shrinking the amount of memory required to reindex the server. To install any 3.0.0+ release from a pre-3.0.0 version, we recommend you delete whatever field you are currently using to hold the last comment value (associated with the CCC Last Comment plugin) and then uninstall the pre-3.0.0 version.

After that just install the new version and create the Field you would like to use (We recommend using the name 'Last Comment' but in reality you could use any valid custom field name - i.e. 'Jane Says' would work just as well as long as the field's 'Type' is set to 'CCC Last Comment' (which now appears nearer the start of the custom field Types list).

Note: While a reindex is recommended after installing any pluging/creating a new custom field in this case it is not required unless you chose to use the Last Comment Searcher.


The Last Comment macro displays the most recent comment as field data on the JIRA ticket. Rather than scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page, you can quickly see if there has been any recent discussion involving the issue. Displays 140 characters. If the 140 character limit is exceeded mid-sentence, the rest of the sentence will be displayed or until it reaches 256. If the user does not have permission to see the last comment, nothing will be displayed. For a complete description of features along with Installation instructions please refer to the Configuration Examples page.

  • CCC Last Comment Custom Field Type

    • This creates a custom field that will display the last comment. The custom field can be configured to be displayed in plain text or HTML.

  • Last Comment Searcher

    • This is a searcher for the CCC Last Comment Custom Field Type. In addition to searching the content of the last comment, it allows searching of the author, user group, and project role on the author of the last comment.

    • How to use our Targeted Search Functions
  • CCC CommentOnTransition

    • This is a post function that can be added to a workflow step. It will automatically comment on an issue when the workflow function executes. The comment can be any custom message set by the workflow designer.

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